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Rangers Donning Cowboy Hats



    When the Washington Senators became the Texas Rangers back in 1972, it was without a doubt a culture shock for some of the players. There are, as we know, several stereotypes of Texas, particularly Dallas, and those were played up when each player was presented with a cowboy hat on Opening Day.

    So 40 years later, the Rangers are paying homage to that day by presenting each of their players with cowboy hats for the team's photo day.

    That should produce some classy photos from several of the Rangers players.

    Funniest picture — This will surely be Yu Darvish. The man's 6-5, half-Japanese and half-Iranian, has long-ish hair and is still new to American culture. What better way to break him in than by sticking a good ol' Stetson on his head?

    Most believable — This is a harder one, but I'm going with Ian Kinsler. Don't know what it is about Kinsler, but picturing him in a cowboy hat and a duster just screams Old West outlaw.