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Rangers Deteriorating From a Bad Team Into Sore Losers



    The Rangers are a bad baseball team and now they’re deteriorating into sore losers.

    There’s no way else to explain pitcher Colby Lewis’ nonsensical rant over the weekend in Toronto. The crime, in Lewis’ irrational view, was committed by the Blue Jays’ Colby Rasmus. In the 5th inning of a 2-0 game, Rasmus laid down a bunt single against the Rangers’ defensive shift.

    That’s it. No taunting. No showboating. Just a bunt single from a guy hitting only .223.

    But as he stood on 1st base, Lewis barked at him for what he somehow felt for a play that violated another one of baseball’s ridiculous unwritten rules.

    “I told him I didn’t appreciate it,” Lewis told MLB.com. “You’re up by two runs with two outs and you lay down a bunt. I don’t think that’s the way the game should be played.”

    What the what?!

    If it’s 12-0, maybe. If it’s the 8th inning, perhaps. But a 2-0 game in the 5th, a bunt single by a hitter struggling to get on base is in no way illegal or unethical or anything but a play to try and help his team win a game.

    If the situation was so casual that Lewis felt Rasmus shouldn't bunt for a hit, why were the Rangers playing a shift to keep him from getting a hit? So it's OK for a team trailing 2-0 to play defense but not OK for a team leading by two to play offense?

    “He didn’t steal within the first two pitches to put himself in scoring position,” Lewis continued. “That tells me he is solely looking out for himself, and looking out for batting average. And I didn’t appreciate it.”

    It’s been a weird season for the Rangers, who now possess baseball’s worst record at 39-59 with the Yankees coming to town Monday night. But Lewis’ view of Rasmus’ actions are just wrong, wrong and more wrong.

    Countered a flabbergasted Rasmus to MLB.com after hearing of Lewis’ criticism, “I’m just trying to help my team and he didn’t like it — so sorry about it. I’m not here to try to please the other side.”

    Colby is a good pitcher and a great guy. But his rant is another sign that this Rangers’ season is spiraling into a nightmare.

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