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Rangers Are the Winner in 13-run Pool



    I'd never heard of such a thing until today, but this sounds like loads of fun to me.

    Got it? General idea is you randomly assign teams to everyone in your 13-run pool and when a team scores 0-13 runs (that's 14 different games) you check that off your list, kind of like a bingo card.

    On Saturday, when the Rangers beat the Kansas City Royals 10-1, that made the Rangers the winner for the 2011 season when they scored 10 runs, the last number on the Rangers' list that was still remaining on the 0-13 ledger.

    Pure luck? Yes, but in order to win something like this you'd most likely have to have a high-scoring team to be able to put up such high run totals.

    The unlucky souls to fall victim to the Rangers' 13-run output? The Baltimore Orioles in the first game of a doubleheader on April 9.

    So get your friends together (30 is the maximum) and get ready to start your 13-run pool next year. Or you can be like me and try to figure out a way to start one after the All-Star break because you just can't wait until next April.