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Profar Pulls Magic Out of His Hat



    So far in his big-league baseball career, 19-year-old mega prospect Jurickson Profar has two RBIs. But they've both been huge RBIs.

    Of course, you'll remember his first major-league at-bat when he crushed a home run for his first hit, first RBI and first home run — all in his first at-bat. Then, he later doubled in that game with no one on base.

    But what he did Saturday trumped it all. While making the start at shortstop he was 0-for-the game going into the 10th inning in a tie game when he was facing hard-throwing Tampa Bay reliever Kyle Farnsworth.

    Farnsworth, perhaps trying to send a message and intimidate the kid, threw right at Profar's knees forcing the teenager to kick his legs back and land on his chest before picking himself back up and getting back in the batter's box.

    It was then that Profar put on an act, appearing to be quite nervous and even a little scared of what had just transpired. After all, Farnsworth is one of the hardest throwers in the league, has tattoos all over his arms, the whole nine yards. He's pretty darn intimidating.

    Farnsworth came back with a similar pitch, low and inside and fast, but this time Profar pulled it down the line for an RBI double to give the Rangers the go-ahead run in the 10th before he eventually scored on a Josh Hamilton home run that put it away.

    "I was acting like I was scared so he could throw the same pitch," Profar told the ESPN 103.3 postgame show, hosted by Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks. "He did, and I got a good swing on it."

    Say what? That's a 19-year-old kid out-veteraning a seasoned veteran.

    Profar's playing time will be very limited down the stretch, and especially when the postseason rolls around. But enjoy this while you can folks, because it's awfully fun to watch.