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Potential Targets: Nick Swisher



    In an ongoing series, we'll take a look at possible free-agent and trade targets for the Texas Rangers this winter.

    Target: Nick Swisher, OF/1B/DH

    Type of move: Free agency

    2012 stats: .272 batting average, .364 on-base %, .837 OPS, 36 doubles, 24 home runs, 93 RBIs.

    If you polled 100 Rangers fans, my guess is 80 would tell you they'd never want to see Nick Swisher in a Rangers uniform. Swisher is one of those guys you hate, until he's on your team. He's kind of cocky, he's Hollywood, he's been on "How I Met Your Mother" and he's basically a typical Yankee. But he's also known as being a great clubhouse guy.

    On the field, Swisher's value is undeniable. He tied a career-high in doubles this season with his second-highest RBI total and he's an on-base machine, which kind of goes along with being a Yankee. He's also versatile, as a serviceable corner outfielder and first baseman as well as a quality guy to have as a switch-hitting designated hitter.

    As a left-handed hitter, Swisher's power would play nicely at Rangers Ballpark, as was evidenced playing at Yankee Stadium with that joke of a short porch in right field. The Rangers' short porch isn't as pronounced, but it's still a big factor, and one that would play nicely into Swisher's hands.

    So get over your hatred for the 31-year-old Swisher, Rangers fans. He might be one of your own very soon.