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Potential Targets: Kyle Lohse



    Target: Kyle Lohse, RHP

    Type of move: Free agency

    2012 stats: 33 starts (led NL), 16-3 record, 2.86 ERA, 211 IP, 143 Ks, 38 walks, 1.09 WHIP

    The Cardinals pitcher was fantastic in 2012, helping the Cardinals back to the NLCS despite losing Albert Pujols and being without Chris Carpenter for much of the year. He started key games in the postseason and performed well with the exception of his last start.

    Lohse wouldn't be a No. 1 on the Rangers staff, and might not be a No. 2 either. His 2012 season was remarkable, but it definitely raises a red flag because it's a career-low ERA by nearly half a run (last season) and other than it's far and beyond better than any other season he's had in his 12 seasons in the bigs. Could this have been a "contract year" performance? Absolutely.

    The fact Lohse is a Scott Boras client doesn't help his chances of landing in Texas, and it seems likely the Cardinals will push to re-sign him after putting up two good seasons in a row and a fantastic year this season.