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Nolan-Ventura Won't Be Shown



    There isn't much at Rangers Ballpark that gets fans more excited than in the pregame highlight reel when Nolan Ryan pops up on the screen. It could be his seventh no-hitter, or his 5,000th strikeout, or better yet, the old man teaching a youngster who's boss.

    Back in 1993, that exact thing happened when Robin Ventura was hit by a pitch and took exception, charging the mound, and the Texas legend. Ryan put Ventura in a headlock and got in a few good noogie-style punches before landing a square shot to the face and bloodying Ventura up a little bit.

    It's been a rallying cry for Rangers fans ever since.

    But it's no more. The Rangers have said they will not show the highlight on opening weekend, when the Rangers host the White Sox and new manager, yup, you guessed it, Robin Ventura.

    In fact, the Rangers say they will not only not show it that weekend out of respect to Ventura, but they will likely show it just once all year — on the anniversary of the fight to commemorate the Rangers' 40th anniversary celebration that will be ongoing throughout the year.

    I get it, you don't want your greatest highlights to include a fight, but c'mon, it's Nolan Ryan, the guy who could win a governor's race in a landslide if he said he was running two weeks before the election. He's Mr. Texas.

    What do you guys think? Should Rangers fans forget about the memorable moment and try to remember more positive, huggy, kissy memories?