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Napoli's Boston Deal Still Not Official



    Before any free agent deal is official and announced by the club to the press, the player must undergo and pass a physical.

    Mike Napoli, who signed with the Boston Red Sox on the first day of the baseball Winter Meetings, was supposed to a physical on Monday in Boston and was set to be announced in a press conference on Tuesday.

    Well, now it's Thursday, and that still hasn't happened.

    Nothing is confirmed but one belief is that Napoli's physical might have shown the Red Sox something they didn't want to see. Does that mean Napoli will again be a free agent? Probably not. The Red Sox might be reworking his deal a little bit though with maybe some games played clauses included. Reportedly, the Seattle Mariners, who were hot on Napoli's trail, decided not to offer him a deal because they had concerns with a hip injury that has nagged Napoli.

    Technically, the Red Sox could change their mind and Napoli would become free again, but that probably won't happen.

    So while you Napoli fans out there shouldn't get excited thinking the Rangers might re-sign him after the Red Sox cut bait, you can be thankful the Rangers didn't offer him that $13.3 million qualifying offer if it is indeed true that he's having some health problems.