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Napoli: Andrus Needs to Lose the Beard



    The 2013 Boston Red Sox were known as a bearded gang of fun-loving baseball players who went and won themselves a world championship.

    One of the ring leaders of the bearded bunch was former Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli, who was a big part of the Red Sox's offensive punch. On Monday, he chimed in while talking to 105.3 The Fan about the newest Rangers beard on the face of shortstop Elvis Andrus.

    "Elvis' beard is terrible, by the way," Napoli said. "Horrendous. He cuts half of his chin off, too I was just up there getting on him about it. Yeah it’s terrible. He looks like Abe Lincoln. ... He has to cut that thing off. It’s so bad, it’s almost embarrassing.. .. I can’t even look at him it’s so bad."

    This has been an issue we've been waiting to address. Personally, Andrus' beard isn't as terrible as Napoli claims, but it just looks fake. Not like Napoli's masterpiece was a shining example of facial hair. Am I right?