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Moreland Seeking Second Opinion



    Late Monday afternoon, reports began surfacing in several local media outlets that Mitch Moreland wasn't going to miss the rest of the season, after all, as he'd opted to undergo a less invasive surgical procedure instead of the awful-sounding "ankle reconstruction" surgery.

    Then, after some confusion cleared up, it was known that Moreland is merely seeking a second opinion to try to return this season instead of being shelved for three months with the latter and effectively see his season come to an end.

    You have to applaud Moreland for trying to get back to help his team this year and miss just three or four weeks instead of three months, but at the same time, you have to wonder if that's the best decision on Moreland's part.

    A lesser surgery could be seen a quick fix and not fully fix the issue that's reportedly nagged Moreland all season and taken away all of his power at the plate. Even if he's back in a month, how good would he be? If he has the reconstruction, he could be back to full strength next season.

    But in Moreland's case, what if there's not a next season for Moreland in a Rangers uniform?

    He's been floundering along since his breakout season in 2010, and since then, things have never really gotten much better. He did hit 23 home runs in 2013, but struggled for long stretches and finished with a less than desirable batting average.

    This season was seen as Moreland's last one to prove himself worthy of holding down a roster spot with the Rangers. A lost season now could lead to the Rangers parting ways with him for 2015, regardless of how the surgery ends up.

    It's a big decision for Moreland, and unfortunately, it seems to be kind of a lose-lose situation.