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Mike Olt: To Trade Or Not to Trade?



    The Texas Rangers have made a point to let everyone know that it will take a special package in return if another team wants to get mega-prospect Jurickson Profar, who will most likely be in the starting lineup for the Rangers on Opening Day.

    In fact, depending on the day, the Rangers' front office will say that Profar is not available, for any price.

    But what about Mike Olt?

    Olt would be the top prospect for many clubs in the league. It just so happens he's No. 2 in the Rangers' organization behind Profar, who's one of the top prospects in all of baseball. The Rangers were reluctant to trade Olt at the July 31 trade deadline, pretty much calling him untouchable. But now it seems that Olt is readily available for the right return. But what is the right return?

    What about a Cy Young Award winner? David Price? Ha, absolutely. CC Sabathia? Darn right.

    R.A. Dickey? [/Record stops, scratches...]

    I've long professed my love for the 38-year-old knuckler, but is that worth trading a prospect of Olt's regard? It's reported the Mets want Olt plus other lower-level prospects for the reigning NL Cy Young winner, and the Rangers are balking.

    As the esteemed Jamey Newberg pointed out on Tuesday, it's a little odd that the Mets are so big on Olt, a third-base prospect, when they just locked up third baseman David Wright for what essentially is a lifetime contract.

    What if the Mets have something in the works with another team to get Olt and then flip him? What if that other team is the Los Angeles Angels or the Oakland A's? Remember what the Rangers did to the Angels when they traded for Mike Napoli days after the Angels dealt him to Toronto? What if that happened again?

    With the Mets and Dickey, a former Ranger, appearing close to an extension, it seems more and more likely that the fan favorite won't be coming back to Texas. If he did, it would only be for one year before he'd be a free agent. While the Rangers love Dickey, Olt seems like quite a bit to give up, especially when it's Olt plus others.

    What do you think? Would you deal Olt for a reigning Cy Young winner not named David Price?