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Mike Napoli Wins $100 From Dirk Nowitzki On Soccer Bet

The Italians' upset of the Germans in the 2012 Euros made Napoli $100 richer and Dirk $100 poorer



    With a pair of goals from Mario Balotelli, the Italians upset the Germans in the semifinals of the Euro Championships this week, a victory that will send Italy to the finals and make Texas Rangers’ catcher Mike Napoli a hundred dollars richer.

    Napoli used Twitter to reach out to Dallas Mavericks’ star and Germany fan Dirk Nowitzki before and during the match to place a bet on the outcome. Nowitzki, who has become a pretty big baseball fan since coming to the States and regularly attends Rangers games, apparently agreed.

    After the game, Napoli tweeted to Dirk, “@swish41 you have to come back to one of our games and pay me that crispy c note!!”

    Always the honorable fellow, Nowitzki responded in short order: “@MikeNapoli25 I'm not gonna be a sore loser. Congrats my man. Got u covered”.

    You can see the full Twitter exchange on the Dallas Morning News' Rangers Blog.