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Michael Young: Yu's "A Pretty Funny Dude"

We get the feeling that Yu Darvish and his Rangers' teammates are getting along quite well in Surprise



    We’re learning more and more about Rangers’ pitcher Yu Darvish as Spring Training goes along, and from Michael Young, we get the fact that Darvish--despite having a tenuous grasp on the language as of now--is a bit of a jokester.

    Young spoke with “Galloway and Company” on ESPN Radio 103.3 here in Dallas on Monday, and was asked about the much-discussed media circus that follows the 25-year-old about Surprise. In Young’s response, we got a glimpse into a clubhouse that is getting to know its newest star, as its newest star gets to know the clubhouse.

    “It’s actually been normal. There has been a lot more media, but they are all very respectful and polite,” Young said, per the Dallas Morning News. “I think they respect our space and our time. Yu is obviously a huge deal over there. Not one thing really stands out as being unusual or funny. Apart from him, he’s a pretty funny dude. We were kind of messing with him the other day in the training room. He had a couple of pretty solid one-liners that he was using through an interpreter."