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Michael Young Embracing Change In Culture

Rangers games have gone from a fun diversion to a major draw in DFW



    Since the Texas Rangers have been to two consecutive World Series, there’s been a noticeable culture change around town. Namely, a lot of folks are coming out to the Ballpark. And Michael Young, for one, loves it.

    "The game has changed in Texas now," Young said, per ESPN Dallas. "It’s a whole different ballgame. We don’t depend on certain teams coming into town in order to draw. We’re going to draw regardless. That’s fun. As a player, you want to see your house packed. You want to see that electric environment."

    Electric seems a fitting word. There’s a good chance that Texas will sell out both series at home this week, with the Yankees and Rays. Which brings us to another change around town--Texas is no longer the David to the Yankees’ Goliath.

    "They are a good team," Young said. "We’ve played a lot of good teams lately. The Yankees are a really good team, they are playing well. It should be a good challenge and a fun series. We’re looking forward to it."