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Memo to Rangers Fans: Calm Down



    The Los Angeles Angels were undoubtedly the big noise makers at the MLB Winter Meetings this week.

    And the Angels biggest rival, the Texas Rangers did nothing.

    Don't sweat it, Rangers fans. It's OK. Here's why:

    First off, the Rangers weren't going to get Albert Pujols. Had no interest in him, and for good reason. Why would you give a "31-year-old" who really probably has no idea how old he is and is on the decline a 10-year contract? No good reason, but the Angels did it.

    Yeah, the Rangers lost out on their best pitcher, C.J. Wilson, who also chose to go to the Angels where they'll have to deal with him multiple times per year now with the AL West on the line.

    Does it hurt the Rangers and help the Angels? Absolutely. But it's not a killshot, by any means.

    The Rangers front office has earned the trust of Rangers fans, and fans just need to trust Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan for the time being. They are famous for making late, stealthy moves such as the Adrian Beltre signing last year after the Rangers lost their ace, Cliff Lee, and the sky began to fall.

    The word out of the Rangers front office on Thursday was that the money they had to make big acquisitions will be saved to lock up their own guys in the coming year or two, and there's a lot of those guys to lock up: Josh Hamilton, who expressed the desire for a new deal before the 2012 season begins, Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli are all due for free agency soon. Will all of those guys be locked up? Probably not, but at least three of them probably will be.

    With the guys coming up in the system in the starting pitching department, and the move for Neftali Feliz from the bullpen to the rotation, the front office feels confident they can make things work in the starting rotation. And even still, don't be shocked if there's a trade made for a big-name starting pitcher.

    The moral of the story for today is don't freak out, Rangers fans. It's Dec. 9.