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Magazines Release Baseball Previews



    Last week, we discussed Sporting News saying the Texas Rangers will return to the ALCS in its MLB predictions after a breeze through the AL West.

    This week, two other major sports magazines have released their season previews and it's a mixed bag of results for the Rangers.

    First off, Sports Illustrated, the declined king of sports magazines, shows absolutely no love for the Rangers, saying Texas won't even win the AL West and won't be making a return to the postseason.

    The publication picked the Oakland A's, the only other good team in the West, to outlast the Rangers and win the division. The Wild Card? Nope, that's not the Rangers either. That goes to the Yankees after the Red Sox win the AL East. They pick the Twins to win the Central.

    Then, there's ESPN Magazine, which predicts the Rangers to edge the A's to win the West with an 85-77 record to Oakland's 83-79 mark.

    The magazine give the Rangers the best offense in the division, that's not much of a question, but it also says the Rangers have the best pitching in the division, which is kind of crazy, considering all that's gone down this spring with flip-flops to the rotation, the bullpen and back and injuries.

    Which of these magazines has it right?