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Lee Haters, Check Yo Self



    When Cliff Lee joined the greatest pitching rotation ever assembled, passing up more money and more years from the Texas Rangers to return to Philadelphia, some Rangers fans thanked him, while others balked at the idea that he could possibly want to go elsewhere after going to the World Series in his half-season with the Rangers in 2010.

    What Lee did should be admired. He obviously wanted to go somewhere and didn't put money first.

    Now, it was a little humorous to see the Phillies lose to the Cardinals in the NLDS, what with their greatest rotation ever put together and all. In fact, Philadelphia is the home of the underachieving dream teams this year.

    But the hatred for Lee around here is just stupid. There's been signs spotted at Rangers Ballpark, people calling into talk radio shows all with venom toward Lee and joy in the fact that his team failed.

    If it wasn't for Cliff Lee, the Rangers would have won their first playoff series just a few weeks ago against the Rays, because they wouldn't have beaten them without him in 2010.

    Yeah, Lee failed twice in the World Series last season to beat Tim Lincecum, but that happens from time to time when you're facing Tim Lincecum. He picked up two wins in the ALDS and one in the ALCS before finally meeting his match in the World Series.

    So be glad your team is in its second straight World Series, this time without that horse at the front of the rotation, but don't be happy that a guy that gave his all for your team for three months and took your team to new heights isn't right there to face Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton this week.