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Kinsler Swings and Misses



    Ian Kinsler has done something over the past two days that Texas Rangers fans just aren't very used to seeing, especially since Kinsler moved into the team's leadoff role.

    Kinsler has struck out six times in his last two games, and 11 times in his past 10 games. That's one of Kinsler's redeeming qualities is that he just doesn't strike out very often, and since becoming the team's leadoff man he's made a conscious effort to draw more walks.

    Those past two games, however, have been hard to watch.

    Kinsler now has more strikeouts (24) than walks (19) this season. Yes, we're only a quarter of the way through the season, so don't freak out, but just look at last year when Kinsler walked 89 times compared to 71 strikeouts.

    Tonight, Kinsler will go up against Seattle's Felix Hernandez, who he has 57 career at-bats against with nine strikeouts and a career .211 batting average. The Rangers have historically had a pretty good go against Hernandez, and King Felix has been knocked around this year, but tonight's matchup probably isn't one you'd want to see if you're coming off six strikeouts in your past two games.