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Holland Treading in Dangerous Waters



    Derek Holland was a wildly touted prospect when he was coming up through the Texas Rangers' farm system, and he's shown flashes of brilliance that have lived up to that billing.

    He's had a couple of complete game shutouts in his two years and change of big league experience, but his career ERA is on the wrong side of 5.00 with a losing record in nearly 50 career starts, which is an acceptable amount of starts to judge a guy on.

    Holland might just not be a starter for the Rangers, and that's OK. He's still extremely young at 24, which is well before a pitcher should be hitting his prime, and he's had some success in the Rangers' bullpen.

    With the return of Tommy Hunter (to the pen, for now) and the nearing return of Scott Feldman, who nearly won 20 games just two years ago but is still a big question mark by sabermetrics folks, Holland might be the odd man out of the starting rotation.

    He's been wildly inconsistent this year, throwing up some good starts of seven innings-plus and then turns around and goes four innings, or 2/3 of an inning like he did on Saturday in a loss to the Marlins. He'll be free after this year as he was signed to a one-year deal.

    He might get a couple of more starts, but there's no doubt he's on a short leash with some proven starters back or nearing returns from the disabled list.