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Hamilton: "There's Not Really Any Struggling In The Spring"

Rangers' slugger Josh Hamilton isn't worried about his slow start to the spring



    Josh Hamilton has been struggling this spring, but according to Hamilton, the operative word here isn’t “struggling,” but “spring.”

    "There’s not really any struggling in the spring," Hamilton said, per ESPN Dallas. "Spring is spring."

    So far, Hamilton is just 5-for-30, and is tied with first baseman Mitch Moreland for the highest strikeout total, with eight. But the former American League MVP is confident that he’ll get hot when the time is right--and he makes the valid point that March is not the ideal time for one to get hot.

    "I prefer not to be hot during the spring and be hot during the season, to save them, as you say," Hamilton said.

    For now, Hamilton is focused not on hitting for power, but getting comfortable in the box, seeing the ball--recognizing off-speed stuff out of the hand, and that sort of thing--and getting his body prepared for the 162-game grind. And from this vantage point, Hamilton has been encouraged by what he’s seen this spring.

    "Right now everything feels good," Hamilton said. "My body is starting to feel better, getting all the soreness out of the way."