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Hamilton Reports 20 Pounds Lighter

Hamilton's cleanse reason for his weight loss



    OK, who's missing Josh Hamilton and all of the drama that comes with him now?

    The 6-4 mammoth of a man that runs like a gazelle and can move mountains reported to Angels spring training 20 pounds lighter than normal after doing a juice cleanse because of divine intervention, or so he said.

    Hamilton claims he normally reported to Rangers spring training around 250 pounds before eventually dropping 15-20 pounds during the season, thanks in large part to the Texas heat in the summer and the rigor and grind that goes with it.

    Now, he's reporting to camp with the weight already shed, and if I'm an Angels fan, I'm kind of concerned. Hamilton didn't need to lose weight, and since he called himself a "habitual liar" after his Sherlock's adventure last year, you have to wonder if what he's saying is true. I never recall a time when Hamilton was a Ranger that he seemed to be lighter than normal. In fact, he pretty much always looked the same, which was like a beast of a man.

    In true Hamilton fashion, he did the juice cleanse because he constantly woke up in the middle of the night with juicing infomercials on the television and took that as a sign from God that he needed to do the cleanse.

    Hmm, OK.

    Have fun with this guy, Angels. Us in Texas are going to be drama-free for once. Thank God.