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Hamilton Makes Contract Demands Known



    I guess God spoke to Josh Hamilton over the weekend because the embattled Texas Rangers slugger made his contract demands known after he was offered a $13.3 million qualifying offer by the Rangers, which they had to do to get compensation when he goes elsewhere.

    Of course, in a Sports Illustrated article during the season, Hamilton's wife, Katie, was quoted as saying the duo would go wherever he got the biggest offer from, and that they would go where God told them to. Contradictory, I know. Hamilton, when asked about the article, didn't seem to be a very big of it.

    Either way, Hamilton made his asking price known over the weekend when he said he will be seeking a seven-year deal worth $175 million, approaching the neighborhood of the famed "bad contracts" given to Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols last winter.

    There's no chance in hell the Rangers will take that bait, even though they apparently will have matching rights on any offer Hamilton receives, which of course begs the question of what happened to going where God tells you to? So confusing, this Hamilton character.

    Hamilton will be 32 years old shortly after the 2013 season begins, but with his crazy past and the way he treated his body, he might have the body of someone closer to 37 or 38, and he's proven to be fragile throughout his career. Of course, he didn't hit the DL in 2012 and had a career year, but then he missed five important games down the stretch because he drank too much caffeine. Seriously.

    That's the type of thing a team is going to have to deal with, and if one is willing to go out on a limb and give the most intriguing case of free agency maybe in sports history, it's pretty much a slam dunk he won't last the full seven years with said club. He's been with the Rangers for five years and they're already tired of his act. In fact, it has been heavily rumored that "front office people" have said they wouldn't re-sign Hamilton if he offered to play for free.

    Now we don't have to worry about the possibility and dilemma. Seven years for $175 million it is. Let the suitor(s) start to line up.