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Hamilton Loses His Support Staff



    The Texas Rangers lost their first member of the 2011 AL Championship team on Monday when assistant hitting coach Johnny Narron was hired as the new hitting coach for the Milwaukee Brewers.

    But it goes much deeper than losing an assistant hitting coach. 

    Narron was also the main key in a system set up for Rangers superstar Josh Hamilton to help keep him in line and from going off the deep end and reverting back to his old self.

    Hamilton's story is well-known by now with his history of drug abuse and redemption as a failed No. 1 pick who ended up with the Rangers and as an AL MVP.

    Narron was Hamilton's shadow on road trips, going everywhere with him. When Hamilton's teammates were at dinner, perhaps enjoying an adult beverage or two, Narron and Hamilton would be eating dinner alone. You get the picture, Narron's main job in the organization was to keep Hamilton straight.

    This is by no means saying Hamilton will go off the deep end now that Narron is gone, but someone else will have to fill that role within the organization.