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Hamilton Fans Get False Scare



    Let this be a lesson to you: Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

    On Tuesday night, reports started surfacing on Twitter that Josh Hamilton was close to agreeing to a three-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for $80 million and then a fourth-year option for an additional $30 million.

    The first thing that came to mind? I bet Michael Young is hating life right now.

    The deal was "reported" by what turned out to be a fake Twitter account representing some big sports radio hosts in Philadelphia.

    First off all, if Hamilton gets an offer like the one that was reported on Tuesday night, it won't be the from the Rangers and he'll be as good as gone. That money, especially that fourth-year option, is way more than the Rangers want to spend as they've reportedly settled on the $25 million/year neighborhood for absolutely no more than four years, but more than likely three.

    The news would've been especially crushing seeing as how the Justin Upton to the Rangers prospective deal is probably dead now since the Diamondbacks got their shortstop on Tuesday night in a multi-team deal involving the Reds and Indians.