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Hamilton Blames Blues For Day Woes



    It's no secret, Josh Hamilton is an embarrassing version of himself during day games.

    It's clearly not a coincidence when you look at the career numbers.

    During night games? Hamilton has a career average of .334 with 81 home runs and 293 RBIs with a .975 OPS in 1,444 at-bats.

    During the day? It drops off dramatically as his career average is just .241 with 18 bombs and 70 RBIs with a .728 OPS in 490 at-bats.

    This year he's hitting .122 during the day and .374 at night.

    He shared with 103.3 FM ESPN Radio why he thinks he struggles during the day, and his reason might cause some eyes to roll.

    It's his blue eyes. Yep, it's because he has blue eyes.

    "It's just hard for me to see [at the plate] in the daytime," Hamilton said. "It's just what it is. Try to go up [to the plate] squinting and see a white ball while the sun is shining right off the plate, you know, and beaming right up in your face."

    Or you could just try wearing some sunglasses? He said he's recently found a pair he likes and he's going to give them a try. What took so long?