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Greer: Murphy-Hamilton-Cruz Is Your "Primo Outfield"

Rusty Greer believes the Rangers' would be best off with a Murphy-Hamilton-Cruz outfield



    As Rusty Greer is one of the best outfielders in Texas Rangers’ history, it’s worth noting his thoughts on the current Rangers’ outfield--and Greer believes that outfield would be best served by having David Murphy in left, Josh Hamilton in center, and Nelson Cruz in right.

    Texas has expressed an interest in moving Hamilton to left in order to lessen the wear and tear on his body, but Greer doesn’t agree with this logic. And he makes a pretty good point in doing so.

    “People say you've got to move Josh out of center field because it's too tough on his body,” Greer told Ben & Skin on ESPN Radio 103.3 this week, via ESPN Dallas. “Why? My perspective is that you're in the outfield -- whether you're in left, right or center. You're gonna dive. There's a left-field wall. There's a right-field wall. For me, I like Nellie Cruz, Josh Hamilton and David Murphy.”

    Greer made clear that he’s a pretty big fan of the man he believes should be the Rangers’ starting left fielder.

    “I'm a huge David Murphy fan,” Greer said. “I think that if you look over the last couple years when Josh has been out of the lineup, who's stepped in there and been that piece that really solidified the spot in the lineup where he's at -- which is normally down the lineup, but he's hit third and he's hit second. Josh is a guy in center field who can go get it and throw guys out. And Nellie in right has a huge arm, lots of power. ... That right there is the primo outfield for the Rangers."