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Grassroots Movement Promotes Dallas Baseball



    by Bruce Felps

    A group of reportedly regular guys recently mounted a push to bring professional, ostensibly major league, baseball to Dallas proper.

    According to a report at the [clenching teeth] CBS DFW website, [unclenching teeth] the guys took out a billboard along Interstate 30 near Belt Line Road to float the idea.

    The sign reads, “You’re wasting gas, money and time driving to Arlington. Bring baseball to Dallas!”, and they have a point. What they don’t have is the money to buy a franchise, build a ballpark, and make the pipedream a reality.

    The article tells us the group admittedly lacks the cash and the cache to bring a team and stadium to downtown, which, yes, could use help to revitalize the relatively moribund central district’s nightlife. Still, you have to admire their moxie for trying.

    The Rangers, of course, won’t be going anywhere soon. But, again, according to the piece, the proponents believe, “With nearly six million people living in North Texas, the billboard group says there’s plenty of fans for two teams.”

    A National League team, maybe? Hey Houston, about done with those Astros?

    Don Quixote meet windmill, windmill, this is Don.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thinks hockey, with a side order of basketball, is quite enough thank you.