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Goodbye, Globe Life? Really?

We're torn on this whole new stadium idea.



    Goodbye, Globe Life? Really?
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    Fans look on as two fighter jets fly over during the National Anthem on Opening Day before the Texas Rangers take on the Seattle Mariners at Globe Life Park in Arlington on April 4, 2016 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

    When the news broke on Thursday night that the City of Arlington would be holding a Friday press conference to announce plans for a new $900 million retractable roof stadium for the Rangers in Arlington, I was sent into a whirlwind of emotion.

    That press conference is complete, and by no later than 2021, Arlington says, the Rangers will be playing a brand spankin' new retractable roof stadium just south of the current site of Globe Life Park.

    Of course, it still requires passage by the Arlington voters on a November ballot, but it seems like a forgone conclusion since Arlington will be able to keep their team, and make no mistake, the Rangers are Arlington's team — not the Cowboys.

    Having been to games in Houston and Toronto, I can tell you this, watching baseball indoors is strange. It's stale and just downright weird.

    But, 101-degree first pitches in the middle of the summer for a night game are pretty ridiculous, not only for fans but for potential free agents looking to come to the Rangers. Several big-name free agents, especially pitchers, have expressed concern in pitching in that summer heat.

    As long as the Rangers swear to open the roof as long as it's not a sweltering furnace outside, I can definitely get on board with this even though it'll be the third stadium in my years on this Earth — 40 by the time it's ready to open, to be exact. And I can't lie, I'm pretty partial to the current digs, but I can definitely get on board with not having to worry about heat exhaustion from sitting at a ball game in the summer.

    There's still a vote to get passed, but that seems inevitable at this point, and after less than 30 years, Globe Life Park will be demolished. Pretty crazy.

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