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Gonzalez Returns to Baseball in Puerto Rico



    Gonzalez Returns to Baseball in Puerto Rico

    One of the more sad stories in recent Rangers history has been the deterioration of the relationship between the Rangers and Rangers Hall of Famer and two-time AL MVP Juan Gonzalez.

    Ever since he was cut loose from the Rangers, there's been a growing separation between the two sides and this past season when he was inducted into the team's Hall of Fame he declined to attend the ceremony.

    He's now 46 years old and more than 10 years removed from his final MLB game in 2005, a season for Gonzalez that lasted exactly one at-bat with the Indians. He tried to make a comeback in 2008 with the Cardinals but couldn't crack the big-league roster.

    So now, he's back in the game as a manager in his native Puerto Rico with his hometown team, the Vega Baja Melao Melao Alligators, as the Dallas Morning News reported.

    Gonzalez played 13 seasons during two stays with the Rangers. He is the franchise leader in homers with 372 and RBIs with 1,180. He was taken off the Hall of Fame ballot after 2012 when he received just 4 percent of the vote, below the cutoff of remaining eligible.