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Globe Life Park Unveils New Menu, Upgrades



    Just in time for opening day at Globe Life Park, the Texas Rangers unveiled their new menu items including the the pizza burger. (Published Wednesday, March 26, 2014)

    When the Texas Rangers open their 2014 season on Monday, fans can expect to see a new starting lineup – in the concession stands.

    Wednesday, the team at Globe Life Park unveiled the newest items on their menu.

    "Each year during the off-season, we go back to the drawing board and see what kinds of fun and exciting things we can come up with," said Shawn Mattox, General Manager of the Rangers Food Services.

    Mattox says this year, he and his team were inspired by several Rangers players and the latest trends in the culinary world – resulting in a menu that proves baseball is not just the domain of hot dogs and Cracker Jacks.

    "We like to compliment that ballpark fare with ballpark fare that's amped up, so to speak," said Mattox.

    Among the new items fans can enjoy this year – "Bacon on a Stick."

    "It's a thick cut bacon, a Hungarian-style bacon that we smoke," said Mattox. "Then prior to serving it, we dip it in maple syrup."

    Other standouts include the "Choomongous" – a two-foot long Asian beef sandwich that is topped with a spicy coleslaw.

    "It's a nice, spicy sandwich," said Mattox. "And we're doing that in honor of Shin-Soo Choo."

    During hot summer days at the ballpark, they'll be serving up "Frozen Beer" – a 16 ounce drink that is three-quarters regular beer, topped off with a frozen beer similar in texture to a frozen margarita.

    "What that does then is it helps keep the beer colder," said Mattox. "It actually brings down the temperature of the beer."

    All the new food items are part of the Rangers' larger efforts to improve the fan experience.

    Also new for 2014, season ticket holders will be able to hang out before and after games in the brand new Jack Daniels Club, located above centerfield.

    All fans will be able to shop for Rangers gear in the completely remodeled Majestic Grand Slam Shop.