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Gimenez Survived Scare in Freak Incident



    Gimenez Survived Scare in Freak Incident
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    Ross Ohlendorf #51 of the Texas Rangers celebrates with catcher Chris Gimenez #38 after defeating the Toronto Blue Jays 6-4 during game two of the American League Division Series at Rogers Centre on October 9, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

    You've heard the stories of players suffering serious injuries falling through a glass table, falling down stairs after tripping over their dog, and the list goes on in the world of freak baseball offseason injuries.

    Then, there's Chris Gimenez.

    The journeyman catcher who's carved a nice niche with the Rangers and will likely be the primary catcher for Cole Hamels and maybe even Yu Darvish when he returns, considers himself lucky to be alive right now, much less on a big-league roster.

    Here's what Chris Murray of the Reno Gazette-Journal wrote about Gimenez's recent brush with death in his hometown of Reno, Nev.

    A couple of weeks ago, Gimenez was stuck in traffic while trying to get off on the freeway when a 36-pound drain grate came crashing through the cab of his truck, which nearly decapitated him.

    "It sounded like a cannon went off," Gimenez said. "I looked to see what appears to be a yellow snow plow go by and all of a sudden glass is flying through the cab of my truck. I just instinctually ducked. It turns out a snow plow clipped a drain grate on the ground. It blew out the grate and the asphalt that went along with it, somehow flung it 150 feet away and it went through the cab of my truck.

    "I was starting to think about it and if my truck isn’t lifted, I’m done. If I’m five feet further back, I’m screwed. What if that would have been the way I would have gone out? That wouldn’t have been cool."

    You get all that?

    There's crazy ways to get hurt, and there's crazy ways to leave this Earth, but that would 've been right up there with those awful Final Destination movies.

    For once in our lives, let's actually thank God for lifted trucks. Now, never again...