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"Foul Ball" Couple Speaks Out



    We've all seen the footage by now. DFW residents Sean Leonard and his fiancee Shannon Moore catching a baseball tossed into the stands by Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland on Wednesday night and laughing, smiling and just having an all-around good time.

    Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, except for the fact that there was a little kid right beside him bawling his eyes out because he wanted the ball from Moreland. It looks really bad, yes. But it turns out, if you believe Leonard, it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone has made it out to be.

    The man has been demonized by the national media for making a little kid cry, but Leonard claims he and his fiancee, who were attending their first Rangers game together, had no idea the kid was sitting next to them, or that he was crying.

    “I wasn't even aware that he was crying until we see the video and then it looked bad," Leonard said. "It was horrific-looking.”

    The little boy won, as well, as a Rangers player tossed him a ball from the dugout later in the game.

    So it's probably time to move on now. The kid got a ball. It seems like it was an honest mistake.

    The couple is now calling for an apology from the Yankees TV broadcasters, who relentlessly attacked them during the YES broadcast.

    “You put one thing out there and people attack," Moore said. "And they were. They were vicious. And they didn't stop.”