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Feliz's Conversation With Molina Worked Wonders



    The photo will be forever etched in the minds of Texas Rangers fans, and New York Yankee haters, both of which are plentiful.

    Alex Rodriguez, staring helplessly as a Neftali Feliz slider hits the outside corner for a called third strike to end the ALCS last October in Arlington.

    It's a beautiful sight.

    Though Bengie Molina is no longer a member of the Rangers, he was on hand Tuesday night to receive his ALCS championship ring and throw out the first pitch prior to the Rangers' walk-off win against the Mariners, and he had a nice little conversation with the Rangers polarizing closer.

    Molina apparently told Feliz to quit relying solely on his fastball and reminded him that when he was at his best last season, earning a rookie record 40 saves, he was throwing a good mixture of his electric fastball and a good array of off-speed pitches.

    Since that talk, Feliz has pitched two innings in consecutive nights and excelled. Of course, it needs to be mentioned both of those innings came against the Seattle Mariners, which are still hitless against Feliz in his career. But it was two hitless innings, nonetheless.

    If Feliz can turn his season around, quit blowing saves and improve his strikeout to walk ratio that is, for lack of better words, terrible this season, the Rangers will be set in the bullpen and that will make this team a very formidable one come October.