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Fantasy Land: Rangers to Pick and Leave



    Already had your fantasy baseball draft? It's OK, you can still read this.

    What's that? Your draft is upcoming? Perfect. Here's some Rangers players to target for your team and some others to leave hanging.

    Guys to target

    Ian Kinsler, 2B: You can probably snag Kinsler at a pretty good point in your draft based simply off his injury history, which hit an all-time low last year when he missed 59 games on the disabled list. He's on an absolute tear this spring and even leads the club (even Chris Davis) in slugging percentage and home runs. He's also not striking out much and he should flourish in the leadoff role. One of the top 2B out there.

    Michael Young, DH, 1B, 3B, 2B, SS?: Young can still hit the ball. And while he might not like his new role, fantasy owners should love it. He will definitely be eligible at first base and second base, and if there's some injuries he'll be good at 3B and SS as well. That's value right there, folks.

    Colby Lewis, RHP: Colbyashi was downright great last year. His numbers were fantastic for pitching in the Ballpark. He just didn't get any run support. You'd have to think that luck might change in a new season, and Lewis should be in line for a win total in the 14-17 range. He's also a big strikeout pitcher.

    Guys to avoid

    disclaimer: These aren't guys you necessarily wouldn't want on your team, just be careful how highly you pick them.

    Josh Hamilton, OF: The reigning AL MVP is obviously a great player, and he has a real shot of being the first AL MVP to repeat since Frank Thomas. BUT, he also has a real shot of missing 40-50 games due to injury, especially if the Rangers end up sticking him back in center field because of Julio Borbon's defensive struggles. He's going to be going in the Top 5 picks, and he might not be worth that.

    Adrian Beltre, 3B: Beltre is going to be really overvalued in drafts this year. He had a great year in Boston last season, leading the league in doubles and eclipsing 100 RBIs. He also has a tendency to have his best season in contract years, which this is not. He'll post good numbers, but don't expect to see the same numbers he put up last season.

    Tommy Hunter, RHP: Hunter's a great guy and loves to have fun. Last year was a fantastic one for the hefty righty, as he won 13 games after missing the first month or two of the season and was undefeated in the Ballpark in the regular season. Statistics suggest he won't be as good this year because of his low K/9 innings ratio and lack of an "out pitch". I smell a Scott Feldman season coming, not to mention Hunter pulled his groin in Thursday's spring start.