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Darvish: "It Might Not Be Formal English, But They're Teaching Me"

Media circus aside, Yu Darvish is beginning to settle into the Rangers clubhouse



    Upon his son’s arrival in Surprise, Az., Yu Darvish’s father was quick to tell reporters that Yu was used to the sort of media circus we’ve seen over the past few days, and at the beginning of his introductory press conference, Darvish himself indicated that this was the case.

    But whether something was lost in translation, or whether he changed his mind during the course of the presser, Darvish later said, through interpreter Joe Furakawa:

    "This definitely isn't normal. I've never been used to it and, even now, I'm not sure I understand it." Per Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, another bilingual bystander thought Darvish’s statements roughly equated to “this is overkill.

    But more important than the circus surrounding his arrival, Darvish is beginning to assimilate to the culture in the Rangers clubhouse--which is good, considering that it is widely regarded as one of the closest knit clubhouses in the game--and learning some English.

    "When I put on the uniform I felt a part of the team," Darvish said, "but I'm only starting to get to know the players. They are helping me and teaching me English. It might not be 'formal' English, but they are teaching me."