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Darren O'Day: "That Was The Worst Pitch Of My Career"

O'Day surrendered Josh Hamilton's fourth and final homer of the game on Tuesday night



    Darren O’Day, former Ranger and the inspiration behind the somewhat memorable “O’Day, O’Day O’Day O’Day” chant at the Ballpark, is fairly convinced that the pitch he threw Josh Hamilton in the 8th inning of Tuesday night’s 10-3 Texas win--which of course ended up beyond the wall in centerfield--was the worst he’s thrown as a big leaguer.

    In summary, O’Day had Hamilton down 0-2 when he threw a sinker that (a) was over the heart of the plate and (b) didn’t sink. Hamilton being Hamilton, and particularly on Tuesday evening at Camden Yards, he crushed it--leaving O’Day to dwell on his mistake.

    “I can say that was the worst pitch of my career,” O’Day said, per ESPN Dallas. "[The] guy’s already got three bombs and I had him 0-2 and I throw it right over the middle. I couldn’t have soft-tossed it any better to him. I’d like that pitch back for sure. You can’t say enough about the day he had.”