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Daniels, Rangers High On Jaime Beras

The MLB upheld Texas' signing of the 17-year-old Domican prospect on Thursday



    Newly signed Dominican prospect Jaime Beras will begin his career suspended for providing Major League Baseball with a false birthdate, but on Thursday, the powers that be determined that the Rangers were clear of any wrongdoing in their pursuit of the vaunted outfielder and upheld his signing.

    When fans do finally get a glimpse of the (the Rangers’ determined) 17-year-old, general manager Jon Daniels believes there’s a fair chance that they’ll be taken aback by his raw tools. J

    “We’re talking about a teenager, so I don’t want to get carried away,” Daniels said, per the Dallas Morning News. “But it’s a classic corner-outfield profile with raw power, athleticism and a plus arm. The guys down there speak very highly of his competitiveness and work ethic.”

    While it’s certainly not ideal, Daniels believes the suspension will provide only a minor setback to Beras’ development. And, unsurprisingly, he’s happy with the MLB’s ruling.

    “Not only did we do no wrong, [the ruling] recognizes the work our guys put in there,” Daniels said. “We’re happy with the outcome. It’s going to slow his development track down a notch, but I think we can be creative and work through some of that.”