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Center Field Has Been Disaster



    Coming into this season, the Texas Rangers were dead set on keeping Josh Hamilton out of center field to keep him from injuring himself.

    I never really understood that theory when Hamilton is clearly the best center fielder on the roster, and one of, if not the best in baseball.

    But that's beside the point because Hamilton broke his arm two weeks ago on a play at the plate on a day when he was in the lineup as the designated hitter. Oops. So much for that theory.

    With Hamilton mostly playing left field, the Rangers were handing the keys to center to Julio Borbon. Borbon was an uber prospect who had a great showing after a call-up with a ton of base-stealing ability and showed signs of being the leadoff man the Rangers had been looking for.

    Now, he's hitting .179.

    He does have incredible range in center field, but many critics have said his plays sometimes look better than they really are because he gets such a late jump on the ball. Not good.

    David Murphy is a guy that everyone roots for, and he's been a phenomenal player for Texas. He's just not a center fielder, and never was. Hamilton or Borbon would've tracked down Peter Bourjos' triple the other night before it hit the ground. Murphy wasn't close. Frankly, he's playing out of position.

    After Hamilton's injury, it's highly, even moreso, unlikely that Hamilton will get time in center when he returns in about six weeks.

    This means, the Rangers need to make a deal for a center fielder. There's been heavy discussion in public circles about bringing Marlon Byrd back to Texas. That'd be great, but it would probably cost a pretty penny, which is OK.

    Then there's the Cuban acquisition Leonys Martin, who is supposed to have all kinds of talent and be a great defensive center fielder, but at the earliest, he'll be ready to roll late in the season, and most likely not until next season.

    Regardless, something has to be done, even if that something is giving Craig Gentry a shot in Arlington. Because what's going now isn't working too well.