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C.J. Has Another Rough Outing



    C.J. Wilson has had a rough week.

    Since July 26, he's made two starts, and neither were good. In fact, they were just downright bad.

    In his past two starts against Minnesota and Sunday against Toronto, he's thrown just 7 2/3 innings and given up 10 earned runs. The Rangers came back and got him off the hook against Minnesota, but they couldn't do that on Sunday. In those two starts, Wilson's ERA has climbed from 2.94 to 3.38.

    Against the Twins, Wilson said he was "unlucky" after the game, which drew the ire of many folks in the media and the Rangers' own radio guy Steve Busby.

    There wasn't much "unlucky" about Sunday's loss. Wilson was just inconsistent, and bad.

    After the game, he said he threw 84 pitches and had "about 47" different deliveries. He was just all over the place.

    You hope Wilson isn't breaking down or getting tired as he's nearing 155 innings, after throwing 204 last year in his first season as a starter.

    That's not likely, considering Wilson's conditioning and work ethic, he's hopefully just going through a bad stretch right now and will find his way at home against Cleveland this weekend.