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C.J. Does C.J., Sounds Stupid



    C.J. Wilson was a really good pitcher for the Texas Rangers. In fact, in 2010, Wilson was the ace of the Rangers' staff even after the acquisition of Cliff Lee. It's true, check the numbers.

    That's why it's such a shame that after he left the Rangers following the 2011 season, he's continued to make comments that just rub Rangers fans the wrong way, similar to the way he acted while he was a member of the Rangers.

    In his most recent gaffe, Wilson was doing an online chat on something called Jalopnik, whatever that is. Because, why not? Right?

    Well, the questions varied from everything from one of Wilson's many loves — expensive sports cars — to a @tweetgrubes inspired "Do you want to hear a joke about a Moth?" to questions about his time in Texas, which were obviously asked by troll Rangers fans. And hey, you can't argue, that's pretty funny.

    Well, one fan asked a question many Rangers fans would've liked to have asked. Scroll down to 3:38 p.m., and you'll see for yourself.

    Fan: So Game 7 of the World Series. You come in - bags loaded. You proceed to hit a guy? Are walks too mainstream for you?

    Ceej: Yeah, we were losing by 5, it really mattered.

    Fan: Actually CJ that was the 5th run. That made it 5-2. Glad to think you didn't think 2011 Rangers could score 2 runs over 4 innings.

    Ceej: I'm really sorry I lost Game 6 also.

    That last comment was obviously Ceej saying it wasn't his fault the Rangers coughed up a possible clinching game in the most heartbreaking of fashions.

    Once again, good riddance, C.J.