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Busby Rips Into Holland's Antics



    Busby Rips Into Holland's Antics
    Texas Rangers/MLB Fan Cave
    Texas Rangers pitchers Derek Holland and Justin Grimm, from their audition tape.

    Steve Busby has never seemed like a guy to put up with too much in the way of shenanigans during a Rangers broadcast.

    On Tuesday night, he made those feelings abundantly clear.

    During one of those dugout interviews with Rangers starting pitcher Nick Martinez, who's been the ace of the staff through the first month, Derek Holland kept showing up on the side of the shot and messing with Martinez. It's nothing new for a player's teammates to jack around with him during those interviews, and Holland was going full throttle with chewed bubble gum in the face and all.

    Holland, of course, is on the 60-day disabled list after throwing just nine pitches in the Rangers home opener before his shoulder acted up and he was prescribed "at least two months" of rest.

    Holland, who has a reputation of being a jokester, including during times when he maybe shouldn't be, rubbed Busby the wrong way.

    After the commercial break, Busby came back and apologized to the viewers for what he said was a "good interview" interrupted by someone "not grown up enough" to appreciate it.

    Those were some pretty harsh words from the voice of the team — a Rangers employee — directed toward one of the best pitchers on the staff. It was a bit shocking to hear, and it'll be interesting to see if it's ever addressed again.