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Brewers Reportedly In On Hamilton



    A while back, we tossed around the idea of the Milwaukee Brewers possibly being one of the few suitors in free agency. Then we shot down the idea due to the fact that the Brewers seem to not be in any place to spend money after letting Prince Fielder and Zack Greinke both walk.

    Now, we're getting reports from CBS Sports' Jon Heyman that the Brewers are, indeed, in on Hamilton, and it all makes sense if they can make it work financially.

    Of course, Johnny Narron, who was Hamilton's accountability partner in both Cincinnati and Texas, is now the Brewers' hitting coach. Hamilton always felt comfortable with Narron at his side, and ever since he left, Hamilton's time in Texas has resembled a quick downward spiral.

    For the Rangers, this would be a dream come true as Hamilton would end up in a National League city and would not be able to haunt the Rangers as much as he would if he played for an AL team, such as Baltimore or Toronto.

    But it could also be a dream come true in another way. If the bidding comes down to Milwaukee against Texas, and Hamilton does indeed want to give Texas every chance to match, the Brewers would not likely go big money or long term, so maybe the Rangers could get him back on the cheap? And if not, he won't be making his way back to Arlington very often, and that's a good thing.