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Beltre Explains Why He Wears No Cup



    Sure, Adrian Beltre plays through pain, has played with a colostomy bag after a surgery and is pretty much widely known as one of baseball's toughest players. But at what point do you have to question the fan favorite's sanity?

    I'd say this pretty much qualifies: It's also been widely known Beltre doesn't wear a protective cup when he's playing baseball — at the "hot corner" where he gets line drive after line drive coming at him at 100-plus mph.

    While speaking to BaD Radio earlier this week on KTCK The Ticket, Beltre explained his decision to not wear a cup — a decision he's paid the ultimate price for on a couple of different occasions (draw your own conclusions).

    "I never liked it. Even when I first signed with the Dodgers [in the late 1990s], they tried to force me [to wear one]," Beltre told The Ticket. "I couldn't do it. I can't. Its uncomfortable. In 2002 and 2009, I got hit in the private area. It was the sixth inning and I ended up scoring the winning run. After the game, it was not pretty. At that time, it was my 11th or 12th year in the league. If its every 11 or 12 years, I'm okay with it. I already had three kids. I don't want anymore."

    There you go, folks. The toughest player in baseball.