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Another Lefty Reliever Goes Down



    Another Lefty Reliever Goes Down
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    Texas Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels.

    The Texas Rangers have yet to have the serious, earth-shattering injury such as Derek Holland's last year before the calendar had even hit February.

    True, there was Jurickson Profar's shoulder surgery, but honestly, I wasn't expecting any contribution from Profar at the big-league level this year, and I'm not sure the Rangers were either.

    But they have had some mild, smaller-scale injuries so far in spring training, and it's in a place where the club is not very deep.

    Michael Kirkman was shut down last week with shoulder soreness, and the fact Kirkman is even worth bringing up shows you what kind of depth the Rangers have in the bullpen from the left side. Now, Edgar Olmos, who the Rangers claimed off waivers from Seattle earlier this week, is joining Kirkman on the shelf with similar shoulder soreness that isn't considered serious.

    "We know it's an area we're light," Texas general manager Jon Daniels told reporters. "Our scouts are prepared to go out and look in other camps but it doesn't change any free agents or anything there. We've expressed our level of interest to the free agents and I'm expecting we're going to side anybody at this point."

    New manager Jeff Banister insisted that he isn't ready to pull newly signed Ross Detwiler out of the compeition for the No. 5 starter role, even though he has a history as a successful reliever from the left side with the Washington Nationals.

    "My approach is I don't worry about what we don't have, take care of what we do and find a way to work with the guys that are available and those who aren't let the appropriate people continue to work with them so they can get on the field of play and compete," Banister told Fox Sports.