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Angels Shopping C.J., But Don't Worry



    Angels Shopping C.J., But Don't Worry
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    PHOENIX, AZ - MARCH 26: C.J. Wilson #33 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim looks on from the dugout during a game against the Oakland Athletics at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on March 26, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim defeated the Oakland Athletics 6-2. (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)

    C.J. Wilson had some good seasons as a starting pitcher with the Texas Rangers, and no matter what you might feel about the guy, that point can't really be argued.

    Wilson was the team's best starter in their two AL pennant winning seasons, and before you throw out the name Cliff Lee for the 2010 team, go look at their numbers in the regular season and compare. Yes, Lee's numbers in the postseason were the reason the Rangers got him, but they wouldn't have gotten to the postseason if not Wilson.

    When Wilson left via free agency and signed a big deal with the rival Angels following the 2011 season, he stirred up lots of bad blood with his former team, notably a public feud he had with his former catcher, and Rangers fan favorite Mike Napoli.

    Now, the Angels have made it known they're shopping Wilson and the $38 million he's owed over the final two years of his contract, and the Rangers have made it known they're searching for a quality No. 3 starter, which Wilson would fit to a tee.

    Wilson is coming off his worse season since becoming a starter in 2010 after he pitched 175 innings and went 13-10 with a 4.51 ERA. Needless to say, the Rangers reportedly have no desire to bring back Wilson and the headache that can come with him, especially not at that price and coming off that season.