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Angels Further Deplete System For Freese



    Remember when the Los Angeles Angels traded stud shortstop Jean Segura, their version of Jurickson Profar, for half a season of Zack Greinke? The Angels missed the postseason, and the Brewers got a franchise shortstop for years to come.

    Remember when the Angels gave Vernon Wells a huge deal, then refused to play a guy named Mike Trout over the struggling vet? Or what about when they held stud prospect outfielder Peter Bourjos down in the same manner?

    Well, now the Angels are at it again, trading Bourjos and another one of their top prospects, Randal Grichuk to the St. Louis Cardinals for third baseman David Freese.

    Rangers fans remember Freese well. He's the guy that crushed their dreams in the 2011 World Series with a game-tying triple in Game 6 and then hit a walk-off, extra-innings homer to force Game 7, which the Cardinals won. He was named the World Series MVP, and it's the only thing Freese has ever done.

    Freese isn't a good ballplayer. He hit .262 in 2013 with nine homers and 60 RBIs, yet the Angels continue to deplete their farm, which could be the league's worst, for him. Go ahead and work your magic, Angels. It's obviously working.