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Andrus Regrets Bunting Decision



    Elvis Andrus has been quite possibly the Texas Rangers' best hitter for the past month, and definitely one of the best since the all-star break. And he hasn't just been hitting meaningless singles, he's driven in runs.

    So when he stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the eighth inning following an Ian Kinsler scorching double down the left field line, he could've been swinging away trying to cut into the Rangers' 4-2 deficit.

    Instead, Andrus decided to lay down a bunt to get on base — not a sac bunt — but a bunt nonetheless that David Price made a spectacular play on to barely get Andrus at first.

    The bunt was a decent play and with a good opportunity with a left-handed pitcher on the mound, but it was a horrible decision at that time in the game with Alex Rios on deck and Adrian Beltre in the hole.

    After the game, Andrus was immediately second-guessing his decision.

    "I don't know actually," Andrus told "I'm still thinking about it. I'm still mad at myself right now, especially in that situation, facing that guy. I feel great, and I guess I saw the big picture: me getting on base and getting a big inning. I learned from that, for sure. I know what to do next time it happens."

    Unfortunately for Andrus and the Rangers, next time won't happen until April at the earliest. The bunt ddin't lose the game for the Rangers — far from it — but it certainly didn't help give them a chance to win it.