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Olivia Thirlby's "Darkest Hour" Has Arrived



    After a few years of lurking in the shadows, Olivia Thirlby is getting a chance to step to the front lines of an alien invasion.

    Thirlby, best known as the best friend in "Juno" and the girlfriend in "The Wackness." is set to star in "The Darkest Hour" as one of a group of American teens in Moscow at the time of an intergalactic incursion, reported Heat Vision. Think "Red Dawn" meets "Independence Day."

    The film is being directed by Chris Gorak, probably best known as the art director on "Fight Club" and "Minority Report," and being produced by Tom Jacobson and Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov, director of "Wanted," a film so convoluted and dumb it should've been called "Wanting."

    Still, it's great that Thirlby is getting a chance to lead a film. She can act, she's got nice timing, she's gorgeous -- but not in a bland cookie-cutter way -- and she's likable.

    In addition to her film work, she's been great as a semi-regular on HBO's "Bored to Death," in which she plays Jason Schwartzman's aggrieved ex-girlfriend.