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"Jurassic Park" Star Ariana Richards Looks Back on Dino-Mayhem



    The "Jurassic Park" trilogy comes to Blu-ray for the first time October 25th. (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    It's been 18 years since Steven Spielberg introduced us to his little safari park off the coast of Costa Rica, but the long-awaited Blu-ray release of the "Jurassic Park" trilogy has given us a reason to go back.

    PopcornBiz sat down with original "JP" star Ariana Richards - who played the precocious (sorry, we realize that after "Steven Spielberg" that's probably redundant) Lex Murphy, granddaughter of park creator John Hammond (Richard Attenborough)  - to reminisce about what it was like for the then 14-year-old to imagine legging it away in terror from T-Rexes, raptors, and Wayne Knight.

    "Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy" comes to Blu-ray October 25th.