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Watch 10 Minutes of "John Carter," None of It on Mars



    "John Carter" has taken a frustrating journey to the cineplex. Now, with the film's release right around the corner, Disney has posted a 10-minute clip that takes place almost entirely in Arizona.

    Legend has it that the film's title was chosen so as not to turn off boys with the mention of princesses (what happened to princesses being the hot new Hollywood commodity?), or to scare away girls with mentions of Mars. That torturous logic led to a title evocative of nothing to anyone who isn't already a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs' books.

    Now, just days from the film's debut, we get this clip, from a film that has been marketed solely as being about an adventure on Mars, and it takes place in Arizona. Wish we could understand the strategy here.

    Still, the buzz out of the premiere was very positive, so we'll see. "John Carter," starring Taylor Kitsch, and directed by Andrew Stanton, opens Friday in IMAX 3D and regular old 3D.